by Nov 1, 2017

On another blog post, we share the story of Sadiq, a refugee we mentored and supported. He went from surviving to thriving, and now he’s a successful business owner. Sadiq’s story came to life because of the teachings of our missionaries and because everything he does is in God’s vision of a thriving ministry.

What’s not included in the story are the daily challenges Sadiq faces. He was recently beat up because he wasn’t willing to run his business in a corrupt way. His devotion to Christ puts him at constant risk.

Our entrepreneurs make huge sacrifices to practice and share their beliefs as they grow their businesses. They overcome challenges we don’t face in the United States. Sadiq’s story represents all of our entrepreneurs: They need God more as life gets harder. That’s how we know our entrepreneurs will be successful after our missionaries leave. Not only have they completed a rigorous business program designed to advance their skills, we teach them the ultimate resource to turn to when they face challenges: God.

Did you know iBAM doesn’t ever receive money from our entrepreneurs? We bring the teachers and the message to places that have never heard it. Our entrepreneurs complete the program to receive a loan, and they pay it forward for the next entrepreneur. When they’re successful paying it back, we know they’ve achieved business as mission.

What makes iBAM different from other mission-based organizations? By equipping our entrepreneurs with faith-based business skills, iBAM is restoring their dignity and respect within the community. Christians practicing in other countries face persecution and ridicule for their beliefs. They lose everything inside of their community. But business owners? They are respected. Our experience has taught us that Muslims and people of other religions actually prefer doing business with Christians, because they know they will carry out transactions based on their values. So, when we put Christians in a business, we give them the key to be successful and create a thriving ministry within their community.

Read Sadiq’s story and understand why he exemplifies our mission.