by Nov 30, 2018

When you go fishing for the first time, there’s a lot to learn. You have to learn which tools you’ll need, like hooks, lines and reels. You have to learn which type of fish to catch so you can choose the right bait. To be successful when you’re starting out, you need a teacher.

In the context of Kingdom business, the iBAM curriculum teaches men to fish. The curriculum teaches which tools they’ll need to succeed as entrepreneurs, as first time fishermen. Each training includes lessons about marketing, basic accounting, management, the customer mindset and other topics that an entrepreneur will need in order to succeed.

We ask questions of our students and model examples for them: Who is your ideal customer? What are the best ways to use profits? Students learn what success looks like and what failure looks like, and they use this knowledge to understand what contributes to a successful business. After completing Phase 2, one local student shared in his own language that they appreciate the “sincerity of the teachers,” who show a “real interest in us students.”

Biblical elements are integrated throughout the curriculum and they form the framework of the teachings, like the net that the fishermen uses to hold his fish. The honest business practices bring out biblical qualities of what the participants are doing and create connection between business and ministry. Of this approach, another student said, “The themes were presented quite comprehensively, extensively, and in detail. Great experience of doing business in a Christian way, personal testimonies, and faithfulness to Christ.”

We train each student by modeling the basic disciple making tools that they can integrate into their daily lives. Tools like the Discovery Bible Study are essential as they can be applied to every setting, not just ones in church. Students have access to simple ways to introduce scripture every day with these tools.

In the last two years alone, this iBAM curriculum has birthed and monitored over 30 locally owned businesses. We are blessed to help believers and their small churches in various regions of the world find success with Kingdom business. Here are two more of the kind messages students shared about their training with iBAM.

“Thank you, brothers, for your work, sacrifice, desire to help, and taking into account our situation. May God bless you and your families, grant you health, peace, and strong faith!”

“I am grateful to God that He arranged this training seminar exactly when my husband and I started praying about starting a new business. He is never late and He knows our needs and plans. I am grateful to all facilitators and instructors. May God bless you.”