From Refugee to Cornerstone

See How a Former Syrian War Refugee Was Led to Spark a Disciple-Making Movement through His Business

From Muslim to Christian. From war to stability. From fearful poverty in a foreign land to starting and running a successful business that enables him to fund God’s work through his local church.

That’s just a snippet of what God has done in and through Sahid’s life, a former Syrian refugee who fled his home country to a large European city.

In this riveting ebook, you’ll get to see how God uses local business entrepreneurship around the world as a gospel-powered fuel to light fires that upend entrenched systems of oppression and poverty.

In From Refugee to Cornerstone, Sahid’s powerful and still unfolding story, you’ll get to see what marvelous things God has done, including:

  • What Sahid did after turning to Jesus while living in a predominantly Muslim nation
  • How he coped living as a refugee in a foreign land, not knowing the language or how to survive
  • The chance encounter ordained by the Holy Spirit that changed everything
  • Sahid’s business startup that iBAM funded, and what he’s doing with the profits
  • A new group of enemies more sinister than the ones he fled in Syria, and why they hate him and his business
  • How Sahid’s business has opened up doors for the gospel that no one else could have opened so easily

See the sovereign power of God at work as he brings a former Muslim and Syrian refugee through war and forced migration to a corrupt foreign land, and fashions him into a cornerstone of a local disciple-making movement upheld by his new business.

You can get From Refugee to Cornerstone right now at no cost.

Simply fill out the form, wait for the email, and see the incredible ways God is moving and using people like Sahid to strengthen new churches in unchurched areas by making committed disciples.

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