Syrian Refugee Becomes Global Entrepreneur

See How Business Can Transform Lives – in ANY Context, Anywhere in the World

Entrepreneurs are disruptors. You don’t adhere to the status quo. You don’t accept that the way things are is the way they have to be.

Neither does Sahid, a Syrian refugee who had to flee his home country, and found himself alone in a foreign land, not knowing the language, and with no way to make money.

But after completing a training from iBAM, Sahid now has a thriving international business that caters to a specific niche that he understands well.

In this riveting ebook, you’ll get to see how one business entrepreneur can transform a community, and light fires that upend entrenched systems of oppression and poverty.

Sahid’s faith is also a huge part of his story, and is the reason he does what he does.

In From Refugee to Cornerstone, Sahid’s powerful and still unfolding story, you’ll get to experience:

  • How Sahid coped living as a refugee in a foreign land, not knowing the language or how to survive
  • The chance encounter that changed everything
  • Sahid’s business startup that IBAM funded, and what he’s doing with the profits
  • A new group of enemies more sinister than the ones he fled in Syria, and why they hate him and his business
  • How Sahid’s business has given him influence in his community and completely changed his outlook on life

You can get From Refugee to Cornerstone right now at no cost.

Simply fill out the form, wait for the email, and see what Sahid is doing to unleash the power of business.

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