God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.

Hudson Taylor


Every work of God can be traced to some kneeling form.

D. L. Moody


Join iBAM in Prayer:

  • Advancement of the Kingdom into the the toughest parts of the communities and countries we serve.
  • We pray for integrity of all the business leaders we serve.
  • We pray for humility and wisdom for the interactions with local and government officials and they way we treat our employees and customers.
  • We pray for strong local membership with local pastors to grow and sustain the flocks with fruits of the business created.
  • We pray for myriads of needs to be met in the community and at times pray for the giants in the local culture to be slain.  These giants can be Human trafficking, Mafia corruption, terrorism recruitment to be abated.
  • We pray for spiritual conversation to take place in and through the daily business activities.
  • We pray for new discovery bible studies to take place through the myriads of human interactions the business provide with unbelievers.
  • We pray His Word to be better understood and practiced by new believers employed by these business.
  • We pray for new neighborhoods and families to be impacted with the Gospel.
  • We pray for the partnerships between partner churches in  the USA with our local partners in the communities we serve.
  • We pray for our owner/operators to have understanding and eyes to recognize Person of Peace that will open up more.
  • We believe that real Kingdom business cannot take place if the owner/operators of these business do not consider the work of prayer as vital as the work of building their businesses.  
  • We pray the Lord of the Harvest to raise more local entrepreneurs Kingdom business builder that multiply the Gospel as they meet local needs.
  • All iBAM Owner/Operators need dozens and dozens of prayer partners to join their efforts.