Pray for Church Planting and Disciple-Making

God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.

Hudson Taylor


Every work of God can be traced to some kneeling form.

D. L. Moody


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You’ll be asked to pray in several areas of need, such as:


Prayer for Entrepreneurs Practicing Disciple-Making

The lifeblood of this ministry is to raise up new entrepreneurs who are driven by faith, commitment to God’s word, and a passion to reach the lost. But the goal is repetition and multiplication.

We want to see new disciples raised up who take what they’ve learned and pass it on. Pray that the business owners we train will bear fruit not just in their work and the support it provides for them and their local church, but also for the people they lead to Christ to make discipleship a cornerstone of their lives.


Prayer for National Partners

The missionary organizations we partner with are on the front lines. They go into countries and regions, sometimes where hardly any Christians live. They learn the culture and the language and look to plant the first seeds that will one day become a church.

Partnering with IBAM gives them an extra tool to use, the ability to train and raise up local Christians to start businesses. There is a lot of opposition to all this in some places. Sometimes fierce. Pray for unity among the teams, and that the gospel would forge ahead against spiritual opposition.


Prayer for Nations being Impacted

iBAM works in many nations around the world. We have helped launch new businesses that have catalyzed local church growth and helped accelerate the planting of new churches.

Each of these nations needs your prayers for all sorts of reasons, such as government corruption and persecution, and greater economic opportunity. When you join the prayer team, we’ll send you nations and regions you can pray for.


Prayer for Upcoming Projects and Vision

These are often the most urgent because they are happening now. Opening up new mission fields with our alliance partners is exciting but also faces a lot of uncertainty and sometimes spiritual opposition.

We’ll tell you what’s happening and how you can pray to make sure doors open and that we’re able to establish new beachheads.


General Prayers for all iBAM Work

Some needs are constant and will always require faithful intercessors who will fight for God’s Kingdom through prayer. These needs include:

  • Advancement of the Kingdom into the toughest parts of the communities and countries we serve
  • Integrity of all the business leaders we serve
  • Humility and wisdom for the interactions with local and government officials and the way our newly launched business owners treat their employees and customers
  • Strong local membership with local pastors to grow and sustain the flocks with fruits of the business created
  • Needs in the community to be met whether economic, family, or health
  • Giants in the local culture to be slain. These opposing forces can be things like human trafficking, mafia corruption, terrorism recruitment
  • Spiritual conversation to take place in and through the daily business activities
  • Bible studies to take place through the myriads of human interactions the business provide with unbelievers
  • God’s Word to be better understood and practiced by new believers employed by these business
  • New neighborhoods and families to be impacted with the Gospel
  • New alliance partners to join with iBAM
  • Business owner/operators to practice regular prayer and Bible reading and to prioritize the development of their faith – that they know this is just as vital as the work of building their businesses
  • For the Lord of the Harvest to raise more local entrepreneurs and Kingdom business builders that multiply the Gospel as they meet local needs

All iBAM Owner/Operators need dozens of prayer partners to join their efforts. They often operate in hard-to-reach areas with little exposure to Christianity. This means their cultures are suffering from generations of spiritual darkness.

Your prayers will help shine the light and make a path for God’s Kingdom to advance through church planting and disciple-making.