It Takes a Team

Just like a sports team, iBAM needs players ready to play.  While this is not a game, teamwork is the only way to have great impact.  There are positions, roles, and contributions that need to be filled.  You can join us in a variety of ways:

Funding Donor

iBAM uses financial donations as seed money for the Loans we grant to start new businesses.  Your donations are the primary source for these loans that help each believer launch the business of their dreams.  Additionally, these businesses have a disciple-making focus and each owner/operator is committed to donating a portion of their profits to help their local fellowship.

Missionary Investor

As an investor in one of iBAM’s missionaries you are providing needed resources for the missionary to move their family to a new country and perform their ministry or work to build the infrastructure of iBAM.

Cross-Cultural Field Worker and Agency Partners

iBAM sends its own missionaries or partners with trusted Field Workers from other organizations that have language, culture and relationships with local Christian leaders.  Their role is to identify and work with National Partners in their region to provide iBAM services.

USA Church Point Person

iBAM works with partner local churches in the USA which result in volunteers teaching cross-culturally in the program.  Typically a church will select a country and commit to sending individuals or teams until at least one cohort of trainees has been launch.  A key volunteer is a person in that local church who acts as iBAM’s representative or “Point Person” to coordinate missions trips with iBAM staff.

Field Trainer

This is a volunteer from a local church in the U.S. who has business experience as an employee in a business, a professor, or entrepreneur.  This volunteer selects a phase I trip or Phase II & III trip.  iBAM will provide a Train the Trainer Workshop for the Trainer through the Trainer’s local church.


Each of the entrepreneurial trainees that complete the training, receive funding and become an owner operator will enter a 2-3 year coaching relationship.  Coaching assists to face the challenges of running a business well, integrate their Faith into their business and in Disciple Making Impact.  Western coaches are helpful in the early stages of the start up.  This is a once a month commitment.