by Nov 30, 2018

One of the biggest problems faced by families in the Ukraine is a lack of jobs. In the East where we live, the military conflict has caused massive pain and loss on the believers. Often, fathers and husbands leave for a long time and leave the city or even the country to find work. Peter* is part of a community in the Ukraine and has seen firsthand what a difference iBAM has made there. Here, he shares his experiences as a participant and the effects on his church.

First of all, I am very thankful for iBAM’s work helping the church and our town. There are a number of reasons it is important. It brings ministry and help both to our church, and our town. Especially for people living in small towns, life here is difficult financially. There isn’t
much work, and the pay isn’t enough to live on. When iBAM came and showed us their vision, I thought, “There are others who can use this. There are others who can use this and don’t have the training.” I am excited for more people in our community to be part of this vision.

The way their mission helps is that it gives families in our town something to live off of so they can provide for their families and meet their needs. It also gives them a better outlook on the future and others are encouraged to not leave the city to find work. Families can stay together. It gives people hope: “Maybe I can live here and find work for my family.”

People here are eager to start a business but don’t know how and are afraid to start. iBAM shows them how. They develop the skills and resources to be successful. The teaching also shows them how to balance a business and family. What iBAM is doing is helping families to have a better life, and they in turn are giving more back to the church. When your mission helps people, it is a good example for everyone living there of what serving God can do. It is helping to share His message.

*Name has been changed to protect the individual’s safety.