Give to iBAM.

Join the 30/60/100 Squad – Your Monthly Support Will Help Launch Churches and Businesses in Unreached Areas

When you give to iBAM, God’s Kingdom grows.

Why? Because even Christians need jobs, and God gave us the gift of work even before sin entered the picture back in the Garden of Eden.

When you join the 30/60/100 Squad as a monthly donor, your ongoing support, of any amount, will enable iBAM to help local believers start businesses and become pillars in their churches and communities.

This is how we advance and secure God’s kingdom in unreached regions of the world, and spread disciple-making movements through business entrepreneurship.

As a monthly partner, you will be helping launch well-planned businesses (with a 91% success rate) that are run by faith-driven believers from the local area. Some of these kingdom-minded entrepreneurs will be trained by our business specialists and missionaries, as well as our alliance partners who have strong ties to and deep understanding of the area.

Others will be trained by each other, using a ‘train the trainer’ strategy that will multiply the effect far faster than possible with a centralized approach.

Through their businesses, these believers will launch and support church planting and disciple-making movements.

As part of the 30/60/100 Squad, your monthly commitment makes it all possible, and every amount counts in the eyes of God.

If you can give $41.67 per month, you will be giving $500 per year to accelerate church planting movements across the globe. You can also give $15, $30, $100, or any other amount. You can also give a one-time gift.

To give monthly, visit our giving page and scroll down to the giving form.

The 30/60/100 Squad

The 30/60/100 Squad is for believers who are driven to see the gospel spread to all places, tribes, and languages, to produce fruit like Jesus speaks of in the Parable of the Sower – 30, 60, and 100 times what you put in.

As part of the 30/60/100 Squad, you believe the combination of business entrepreneurship and disciple-making will accelerate the advancement of God’s Kingdom. And you want in on that!