by Nov 30, 2018

Yusuf* is a believer who pastors a church of 80 Muslim background believers in Central Asia. This is a rare registered evangelical church in Central Asia, and it’s leading a house-church movement to extend to the rest of his country. Yusuf gives all of himself to his work and struggles to make ends meet with his young family. His ministry has unending needs, and he is trying to meet them while pursuing his vision of house churches all over his nation. His church is a place of respite and a place of learning.

As iBAM entrepreneurs build Kingdom business in the region, they connect with others and the ministry grows. “A big benefit is that we are attracting others in the region. iBAM gives them a platform to communicate with the community,” Yusuf explains.

With Yusuf’s blessing and partnership, iBAM is addressing a major need of his vision and training students in Kingdom business and disciple making. Through his work as a pastor, Yusuf connects with believers in the region who will benefit from iBAM’s teachings, and as a trainer for iBAM, he sees the potential to not just teach men to fish, but also show them how to become fishers of men. “It’s all about the vision. We reach people’s hearts by sharing this vision.”

In an area where it is challenging to be a believer and people are wary of outsiders, business as mission gives iBAM trainees a way to connect with their community. “Their businesses serve as the foundation for ministry,” Yusuf says. As entrepreneurs complete their training, they are able to pass on what they have learned. “All participants have the potential to train others. The vision of iBAM is to prepare trainees to be disciples. We share the vision and teach others to be involved.”

Yusuf has faith for what the future holds as the next cohort of entrepreneurs complete Phase 2 this fall and is grateful to iBAM for making this possible. “It’s not just about training and funding to start profitable business; it’s also a tool to open new ministries in new areas,” he says. Others come to continue what he has started, following in his path.

*Name has been changed to protect the individual’s safety.